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February 26, 2008

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Warm, cold, warm, cold. It’s driving us crazy. We’ve decided to start putting out some of the Spring yarns to encourage warmer weather. You might have already seen the new cotton blend Noro yarn, Matsuri. It’s a cotton and wool blend best described as Noro for people who hate Noro. It’s soft and full of unexpected colors. Very Springy. Yesterday, our favorite UPS man brought us Second Time Cotton from K1C2. It’s a cotton blend yarn made from recycled mill scraps that looks like anything but leftovers. They also sent us a trunk show, which is definitely worth checking out. We’ve also snuck Cinnabar by Louisa Harding onto the shelves a little early. Cinnabar is a DK weight cotton blend with a dash of silk and linen. It’s a mouline yarn with great color presence. Might be nice for a summery top….

Vicki is hard at work on the new class schedule, which should be up soon. There are a couple of classes that have us really excited. The amigurumi class will be back. Get ready for cute overload! If you missed it last time around, be sure to sign up soon. We’ll also have a couple of different sock classes. Tired of that same old heel? Take Meg’s one week class on different techniques. Tired of dropping your dpns on the El? Take the Magic Loop sock class with Kirstin. We’re also working on a group of Go Green classes for April, like reusable market bags, a project in hemp, and more.


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  1. Laura Medina Says:

    YAY! New classes! One of my gifts to myself (I don’t do resolutions- I do gifts to myself) is to take more Loopy Yarn classes. I am looking forward to the Magic Loop and any class that will teach me how to knit socks! I am sure I will take the amigurumi so that my daughter and niece will love me more. I am waiting “patiently” for the Habu order to come in so I can knit with metal!!! I hope it’s easier on my hands then the nettle yarn was!

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