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Stitches Party & Sale + Book Signing! August 1, 2007

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Whoa! It’s so hot outside but we’re sitting inside, cool as cucumbers, knitting and crocheting!

We are having our second annual Stitches Party and Sale on Friday night August 10 from 5 to 9. Last year we had a great time meeting people from all over the country. We have a special guest joining us this year – Mary Beth Temple will be signing copies of her new book “The Secret Language of Knitters”.

  • Don’t know whether you should frog your WIP or tink it?

  • Have you stumbled into a warm, welcoming knitting group but feel silly because you don’t get the jokes – or half of whatever else the regulars are saying?

  • Want a little reassurance that yours is not the only stash whose retail cost equals the gross national product of several smallish countries?

  • Need a little happy break so you don’t destroy six weeks of lace knitting (or about an inch and a half) in a fit of frustration?

This book is for you!


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