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My brother Charlie July 4, 2007

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Many of you know that my brother, Charlie, was in a serious car accident on June 10th. Although it was never life-threatening, he did have serious injuries. Our biggest concern was his mental state. There was brain damage and the stories we heard from him were outlandish. Slowly, they became less frequent and not so out-there. However, for the first 10 days, a good day was almost always followed by a bad day. He doesn’t remember anything from the first 10 days. He was in a hospital in Milwaukee for 2 weeks, so every day either my sister, Jenny, went up there, I went up there, or we both went up there (a minimum of 2 hours each way). We felt it was important for a family member to be with him everyday and since our mother is in a nursing home, it fell on the 2 of us.

Jenny and her husband left on their annual summer camping trip on the 22nd. On the 25th he was released to go to an in-patient rehab facility (nursing home). On Saturday (6/30), I spent quite a bit of time with him and was amazed at the change I noticed. He was back! Jenny called me on Sunday because she had just talked to him on the phone and couldn’t believe the difference, too. Charlie’s back! Hip Hip Hooray!

Charlie was released from the rehab facility yesterday (7/3). He’s still having a therapist come in twice a week but he’s home with his dog, Dylan (Jenny and her family added Dylan to their pet menagerie for the past 2 weeks!). Life is more or less back to normal.

We are thankful to God everyday that Charlie’s injuries weren’t very bad, that he has recovered quickly, and that no one else was involved in the accident. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for him and keeping our family in your thoughts. This has been life-changing for all of us.



7-7-07 (Saturday) July 2, 2007

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Sevens gone wild!

Saturday, 7-7-07 only:

7% off all purses and bags

7% off the purchase of 7 or more identical items (not applicable to yarn already on sale)


Summer Classes still have room for you July 1, 2007

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Although summer is a time for vacations, it’s also a great time to do something special for yourself and join others as you learn new techniques.

Lisa’s Beginning and Intermediate Knitting are great ways to challenge yourself to expand your skills. She has inovative ways to help you remember what you’ve learned. There’s always a lot of laughing in Lisa’s classes.

There is still room in the Sock Class on Sundays starting July 22nd. I’m a little biased but I think socks are the best way to learn many new skills.

In Linda’s Noni Bag Class you will make 2 of these unique felted bags OF YOUR CHOICE. These patterns are a little difficult to follow so this would be a great opportunity to make one.

The Amigurumi Class is going to be very fun! We are all very excited about it. Besides making the cutest creatures, you will learn basic crochet stitches. Check out this website (http://amigurumi-along.blogspot.com/). The class will be on Saturdays starting July 14

In Lisa’s Fair Isle class on Saturdays starting July 21 you’ll knit a hat. In addition to learning to knit fair isle (2 colors in each row) and knit in the round, you’ll also learn to knit continental style.

Linen and Hemp are knitting fibers that are very popular right now. They are sturdy, washable and renewable resources. The feel is a little different and the yarn doesn’t stretch. The Market Bag is a perfect project to start with. Join Kristen on Wednesday evenings starting July 25 to knit this durable bag.

The Fitted Sweater Class that starts on Thursday, August 2 will help you learn to fit something to you! This is a beautiful, feminine sweater from Fitted Knits.

Wednesdays starting August 8, Kristen will be teaching a lace jacket that uses almost any weight of yarn. You can make more than knit shawls using lace patterns.

Please join us as you learn new skills and meet other knitters and crocheters.