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Hand off! April 23, 2007

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Today is my last day to do the blog for a while. I am going to be handing off to a fellow loopy lady for next week. I thought I would share some things that inspire me and I thought were really cool. As some of you know I am an artist and I do Knitted Sculpture. Well Here are some other artists that do knitted sculpture.

Anne Wilson


Freddie Robins


Lindsay Obermeyer


I thought you would like these. Well I will be seeing you all in a few weeks when it is my turn again.

All is fair in Love and Yarn!



Amy Singer. April 21, 2007

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I know this is a little late, but i just got all my pictures off of my camera from the Amy singer event we had last week. It was a blast!! Amy wrote about it on her blog too! I especially like the shots of Nancy, our new friend! I have given her a native name of “Dances with yarn”! If you guys liked this event OR  if you ever have any ideas about future knitting celebs that you would like to see let us know and we will do our darndest to get them here!

Amy and Vickiautograph please!!Nancy4nancy3Nancy2Nancy1NO SHEEP FOR YOUthe hubbycid and amy (not nancy)cid.cid


Fashion Show! April 19, 2007

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So we are having a fashion show coming up soon and we are looking for people to hurry up an finish up those U.F.O.’s (un-finnished objects) and walk our cat walk. I am hoping to have about three pieces finished for this event. I may need models! I am going to have my sister, who works for Sarah from America’s next Top Model, come and do the hair and make up me. What do you think?? We will have paparazzi and all the works. Come dressed to kill!! show off your wears and be a star!


Good Morning Yarn Lovers! April 18, 2007

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This is Lisa. I am writing the blog this week. We have decided to switch things up a little here and have different people post every week. So this week..DUH DUH DHUN! you have me.. Mua ha ha ha! *cough cough* darn that wasn’t as sinister as I wanted it to sound. 🙂
I want to remind you that we have out wall of sale yarn still. 70% off all yarns until 4/25/07 and then we are sending it off to live at the farm with kitty and fluffy. But really we are going to send the yarn to charities in the area that can put it to good use. SO come and get it!

We have some new yarns in! Lovely new cottons and non- wool yarns for spring and summer. You will be able to test drive these yarns at our “Spring Yarn Tasting”. Remember last fall when we all dressed up as waiters and served you little bits of yarn in candy papers and cupcake tins? We had a blast and we are doing it again May 11 from 6:30 to 8:30! We will also have a sale to celebrate that spring is here, same day, from 5 to 9.

Well you will be hearing from me again before the week is out. Maybe it will be to just say hi.

All is fair in Love and Yarn!