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incredible Dollar Sale August 1, 2006

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This week, Loopy is putting selected yarns up for a dollar.  That’s right, one cold hard american dollar! A buck a ball!  Why, you might ask?  We need the room for all the fall yarns we have coming – so this stuff has got to go.  Come on in – the yarn we put out Sunday is almost sold out, so hurry in to get the next batch before it’s gone!

(FYI, they’re actually on sale for 98 cents to $1.04.  But who’s counting?)


3 Responses to “incredible Dollar Sale”

  1. Katy Says:

    Wow, that was an amazing sale! What a yarn high on such a hot day, totally made the drive home worth it when I looked at the sales slip and I had saved almost $200. Thanks! (but I’m sorry for you that you had to have such a sale) =(

  2. Laurie Says:

    Is the GLAMOUR yarn on sale????? Please save me some if it is….I will come right in!!!

  3. loopyyarns Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Katy. We love happy customers!

    Laurie, the GLAMOUR is still on sale at 40% off but it’s dwindling down. Come and get the color you want while we still have it!


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