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Spinning Wheels & Supplies Now Available July 22, 2006

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Thinking of buying a spinning wheel? Or looking for fibers to spin? Loopy Yarns now carries spinning wheels & roving by special order. Loopy customers can order wheels from two fine companies – Ashford and Louet. The Louet S10 wheel will be offered starting at just $420, and all Ashford wheels will be offered at suggested retail.

We also now have several kinds of roving in the store, and we carry over 100 kinds of roving by special order as well – including everything from favorites like Corriedale, BlueFaced Leicester, and Merino to exotic fibers like silk, cashmere, baby camel, and angora. All of our rovings are priced at 20% below the retail price. Corriedale starts at just $17 a pound!

Loopy is even able to mail order wheels and fiber for out of towners. For more information, call Loopy at 312/ 583-9276 or email Vicky at loopy@loopyyarns.com.


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